Ansonia Clock Co., shelf clock. This model is called the Monarch.

This model is called the “Monarch.” It was cataloged as early as 1880 and was offered in two different case woods. One could buy this clock in either in oak or a more expensive black walnut. Several movement formats where also offered. The movement formats consisted of three designs. They were time and strike, time and alarm or time, strike and alarm. The most expensive model sold for $10.00 originally.

This very nice example is cased in oak. The case design is decorated with delicate carvings, applied moldings and turnings. A large central urn finial surmounts the top of this case. It is original to this clock. Positioned just below this is a depiction woman’s head. This decoration is original to this clock and is poly chromed. In the base of this clock one will find a draw that retains it’s original pull. Above this is a large glass door that is decorated with an elaborate design. The center of which has been left open in order to view the dial and motion of the fancy pendulum. The pendulum is made of a combination of metals. Two large cylinders are positioned below a lyre form. The 6 inch dial is paper an applied to a tin pan. It is original to this clock and is framed by a decorative “French Sash” or bezel highlighted with green painted details. The spring driven movement is brass. It is an eight day time and strike design, striking the hour and the half hour on a wire gong. The movement is die stamped on the front plate by the Maker. This clock also has an alarm that is wound separately. One will also find the Clockmaker’s label pasted onto the backboard of the clock. This fine clock was made circa 1880 and measures 24.5 inches tall to the top of the urn.


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