A fantastic custom cased wall clock featuring a Seth Thomas 15-day spring driven movement.

This is a very decorative wall clock. The case is constructed in mahogany and retains a wonderful mellow patina. The case design is embellished with numerous carvings and decorated moldings suggesting that it was specially ordered. This custom made case must have been original designed for a specific location. The quality of the craftsmanship suggests that it was designed by an architect for a specific location. It must have been the focal point of a room.

This case measures a full 64 inches in length. At the top molding, it is 20.5 inches wide and 9.75 deep. It is a substantial piece. The top is fitted with an architecturally shape pediment that centers a single turned wooden finial. The upper section of the case frames the dial. The lower box is fitted with a long rectangular door. This door features a panel that is inlaid. The subject of the inlay is a classical vase that is presenting wheat. A bracket is mounted at the bottom of the case and this design terminates in a carved shell. It is worth mentioning a second time that the quality of the carvings that decorate this case are fantastic.

The dial is a combination of brass and enamel. Brass is used as the center section. The enamel portion supports the time ring. This time ring features Roman style hour numerals. Spade shaped hands depict the time.

Behind the dial is the Seth Thomas made movement. It is designed with double spring power and is a time only design. It will run 15 days on a full wind. It is heavily constructed in brass and features a Graham deadbeat escapement and a long pendulum. The pendulum hangs from a bracket that is mounted to the back of the case. The wooden rod supports a brass faced bob. The movement is also secured to the same iron bracket which is mounted to the backboard in a similar manner to that of the Seth Thomas Number 2 model.

This fine wall clock was made circa 1900.


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