Thomas Wagstaffe of London, England.

“Thomas Wagstaffe, London.” He is listed in Brain Loomes “Watchmakers & Clockmakers of the World, Volume 1,” As working between 1756 through 1793. Thomas was born in 1724 in the small town of Banbury, Oxfordshire, England. This town is located some 67 miles northwest of London. By 1753 he is listed as a Merchant and Taylor in London later as a Watchmaker. It is said that he was a physically large individual. He was diligent and prolific worker and by temperament, patient and conscientious. His correspondence indicate a warm and highly socialized personality. He was a dedicated Quaker and had many acquaintance who lived in America. Most of whom lived in the Philadelphia area. When Quakers from Colonial American visited London, they were welcomed and received lodging in his home. It was not uncommon for many to return to America with one of his movements to be cased here. Some 30 plus examples exist, including one which is in the collection at Winterthur with a case constructed by Thomas Affleck who was a very talented Philadelphia cabinetmaker. Wagstaffe clocks are highly prized in England and enjoy the same hallowed reputation as the Willard Family does in America. Thomas lived until 1802.

Thomas Wagstaffe, London

This is a superb English Bracket Clock that retains it's original ebonized case, bell top and decorative brass mounts. The case… read more