Calvin Bailey of Hanover, Massachusetts, and Bath, Maine. Clockmaker. 1782-1835.

Calvin Bailey was born in Hanover, MA, the son of John (A shipbuilder) and Ruth Randall Bailey on May 6, 1751. He died in Bath, Maine, in 1835. He was into Southeastern Massachusetts’s most prominent clockmaking family. He was a Quaker and one of six members of the Bailey family that were involved in clockmaking. Calvin lived in a time when business was often conducted in the barter system. He was often taking in goods in trade for his clocks or services. Calvin and his brother Lebbeus 91763-1827)learned the art of clockmaking from their older brother John Jr (b. 1751-d.1823). We are fortunate in that Calvin’s work ledger exists. It records that Calvin made clocks year-round but was also very involved in farming. It also records that he did business with four local cabinetmakers. They include Ells Damon, Theodore Cushing, Abiel White, and Abner Hersey. A number of Calvin’s clockworks are housed in cases made by Cushing and White. Calvin moved from Hanover to Bath, Maine, in 1828.

Calvin Bailey of Hanover, Mass. An inlaid mahogany case tall clock featuring a rocking ship automated dial. 222004.

The Quaker clockmaker Calvin Bailey working in Hanover, Massachusetts, produced this beautiful inlaid mahogany-cased tall clock. Several members of the Bailey… read more