Eardley Norton of London, England.

Eardley Norton is listed as working at 49 St. John’s Street, Clerkenwell between 1762 and 1794. He was member of the Clockmakers’ Company being freed in 1762 an enjoyed a reputation as a very skilled mechanic. He is best known for making complex timepieces, sometimes with musical and astronomical movements for the export markets. This included Turkey and the Far East. The most notable of which may be his four dial astronomical clock which he made to stand in the library of Buckingham House (now Buckingham Palace, London). In addition, there are clocks made by him in the Royal Collection, numerous museums worldwide and some of the world’s finest collections including a bracket clock in the Virginia Museum, a very small cartel clock in the National Museum of Stockholm, a marine chronometer in the Ilbert Collection and an elaborate automaton clock with organ in the Palace Museum located in Peking. Norton made an astronomical clock for George III which still stands in Buckingham Palace. On his death, his business was taken over by the partnership of Gravell and Tolkien.