Jonathan Clark Brown of Forestville, Connecticut

Jonathan Clark Brown was born in Coventry, Connecticut on October 8, 1807 the son of Jonathan Clark and Sophia (Bingham) Brown. He came to Bristol in 1832. He was a case maker or joiner and over his life time was involved in many firms including The Forestville Manufacturing Co. and the Bristol Clock Co. He was an instrumental and very influential figure and developing the Connecticut clock industry. An innovator, he was responsible for the case design of the very collectible “Acorn” clock as well the octagon case with rounded corners and other interesting case designs. As a clockmaker, he experienced many financial setbacks in Bristol. He left Bristol broke in 1858 and moved to Nyack, New York. He died there in 1872.

For a more in depth over view of his life, please read Kenneth D. Roberts and Snowden Taylor’s book, Jonathan Clark Brown and the Forestville Manufacturing Company.

J.C. Brown of Forestville, CT. Acorn shelf clock. This is the smaller of the shelf models. -Rare- TT150

There are at least three different forms that share the "Acorn" model name. All of these have variations in case designs.… read more