Asa Munger of Auburn, New York.

Asa Munger was born in Granby, Massachusetts on October 14, 1777. He grew up in Ludlow, MA as the oldest of fifteen siblings. Here in Ludlow, the period of 1799 through 1803, he is listed in the town records as a goldsmith and making a small number of both wood and brass made clocks. It is unclear where he received his training. Munger sold his property in Ludlow in November of 1803. He moved to New York state and finial settled in Auburn sometime between 1815 and 1817. Asa was involved with several clock entities. These include: Munger & Gillmore’s, Munger & Benedict circa 1825 and A. Munger & Co circa 1833-1834. The firm Munger & Benedict, is thought to have been one of if not the first to sign a labor contract with a state penitentiary. This was for the use of convict labor. The firm Munger & Co., was comprised of Asa Munger, Thaddeus Benedict and Clarke Beers Hotchkiss and used prison labor in the construction of their clocks. Munger left this venture in 1834. Hotchkiss and Benedict continued. Munger continued to operate a jewelry store business and clock operation. In 1836, Asa takes on his son in partnership as Asa Munger & Son. Asa dies in March of 1851. Tall case clocks, pillar & scroll style clocks and empire shelf clocks of various case styles are known. For a more complete Bibliography on this maker, please read, “An Empire in Time. Clocks & Clockmakers of Pratt New York” written by G. Russell Outsell, Helen Bryce & Collaborators.

Asa Munger of Auburn, New York.

This very distinctive looking clock was made By Asa Munger in Auburn, New York. This case form is often called a… read more