Nathan Storrs of Northampton, Massachusetts.

Nathan Storrs was born in Mansfield, Connecticut in 1768. It is currently thought that he was trained as a clockmaker by Jacob Sargeant. Nathan first advertises in Northampton, Massachusetts in 1791 and that he is open for business and is lately from New York. In 1792, he forms a partnership with Samuel Stiles as Stiles & Storrs. This partnership quickly dissolves and in 1792 and Nathan joins Jediidah Baldwin in business as Baldwin & Storrs. This partnership lasts until 1793 when Baldwin moves to Hanover, NH. In 1827, Storrs & Cook (Benjamin F. Cook) form a partnership that lasts until 1833. In 1829, they open an additional outlet in Amherst, Massachusetts. Nathan retires in 1833 and dies in 1839 due to poor health.

Attributed to Nathan Storrs, Northampton, Mass. A Tall Case Clock madeCentral Massachusetts.

This is a case from that we have had in the past. This example is not signed. The previous clock was… read more