Daniel Balch of Bradford and Newburyport, Massachusetts.

Daniel Balch Sr. was born in Bradford, Massachusetts on March 1, 1734. He was the son of Reverend William Balch of the East Parish in Badford. It is thought that Daniel had apprenticed and learned the skills of clockmaking under the guidance of Samuel Mulliken. In Bradford, he made clocks until he moved to Newbury in 1756. He was also married this same year to Hannah Clements (1735-1783). His first shop was located on Fish Street now State Street. In 1765, Newburyport became its own entity and the two villages were divided. It is recorded that he kept the town clock of Newburyport form 1781 – 1783. Daniel married a second time in 1784 to Judith Thurston (1739-1825) of Newbury. Daniel had two son from his first marriage that he trained as clockmakers. They are Daniel Jr. (1761-1835) and Thomas Hutchinson Balch (1771-1817). Together, they continued the business after Daniel Sr. died in 1790. ( An interesting note. Jonathan Kettell, a cabinetmaker originally from Charlestown, Massachusetts and moved to Newburyport after the British burned the town in 1775, recorded in his account books that Daniel Balch purchased as many as twenty-two tall case and shelf clock cases in the years that included 1781-1792.) Examples of tall clocks, some musical, and shelf clocks have been found. A very nice example of a brass dial shelf clock is currently in the collection of the Historical Society of Old Newbury.

Daniel Balch of Newbury, Massachusetts. A pre-revolutionary American tall case clock, diminutive in stature. 220029

This is important painted pine case tall clock was made by Daniel Balch of Newbury, Massachusetts. The small village of Bradford,… read more