Silas B. Terry of Terryville, Connecticut.

Silas B. Terry was born on February 1, 1807 and died of a heart attack May 20th, 1876. He was one of eight children born to Eli & Eunice (Warner) Terry. He worked in various clock making enterprises. Some of which included the firm S. B. Terry & Company (1852-1853), and Terryville MFG. Co. (1853-1854.) In 1854, Terry went bankrupt and took a job as a general manager of the William L. Gilbert & Company in Winsted, Connecticut. In 1861, he took a job as superintendent of the Waterbury Clock Company . In 1867, he formed the The Terry Clock Company at Waterbury with his sons. Silas’ early clocks were well made and often had interesting movements. The evidence of his work suggests that he loved to tinker.

Silas B. Terry 8-day Fusee with a balance wheel escapement. Sharp Gothic or Steeple Clock. -SOLD-

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Silas B. Terry. "Horologist." Terryville, Connecticut. Time and Alarm Cottage Clock.

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Silas Burnham Terry cottage clock with torsion suspension. S. B. Terry & Co.

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Silas Burnham Terry Wall Regulator. Terryville, Connecticut, circa 1840.

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Silas Burnham Terry. "Horologist." Terry's Ville, Connecticut. Mantel clock.

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