Silas Parsons of Swanzey, New Hampshire.

Silas Parsons (1773-1859) of Swanzey, New Hampshire. Silas is the son of Aaron Parsons and Damaris (Whitcomb) Parsons. He was born in Swanzey on May 29,1773 and died there on March 15, 1859. Silas married Patience Haskins (Hoskins) the daughter of Silas Haskins of New Salem Massachusetts on March 25th, 1806. She died on February 1, 1865. Together, they had 4 children. Silas jr. was born in 1809, Damaris was born in 1812 and died in 1815 at the age of three, a second Damaris was born in 1817 and Patience born in 1820. It appears that Silas prospered financially. He is credited with donating approximately $20,000 for home and foreign missionaries

Silas is a celebrated clockmaker. A small number of New England case styles have been found and documented. They include tall case clocks, Massachusetts shelf clock and a dwarf clock. A Massachusetts Shelf clock is now in the possession of the Henry Ford museum. It is reported that he made three musical tall clocks as wedding gifts for his three daughters. These played waits on weekdays and hymns on Sunday. One of these clocks is signed on the inside of the case by the cabinetmaker. This inscription reads, “Made by Samuel (?) Sweeny 1811.” So far, all of the tall clock cases I have seen are very similar in design and form. It is logical to assume that Sweeny was Parsons go to cabinetmaker.

The town of Swanzey is composed of a group of hamlets just South of Keene: Swanzey Center, North Swanzey, West Swanzey and East Swanzey. Parsons lived in West Swanzey. His home still stands. 1775 is cut into the chimney, his work shop is now gone.

Silas Parsons cherry case tall clock. Swanzey, New Hampshire. -SOLD-

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Silas Parsons of Swanzey, New Hampshire. A cherry case tall clock.

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