George A. Jones of New York City.

George Alfred Jones was born in June of 1825 and died in 1881. He was at work in Bristol, Connecticut in 1864 through 1879. For the first 20 years of being in business, he had a partner by the name of James Wood of New York City.

In 1863, He is listed in a directory as being involved with a lamp business located at 589 Greenwich Street in New York. It is in this year that The George A. Jones Clock Company was formed. The following year the directory’s listing expands to include him as being involved with a clock business at 2 Courtlandt Street. At this time, the clock company made a number of very nice clocks. They included walnut cased parlor and wall clocks are well as a number of impressive standing and wall hanging regulators. Today the regulators are very collectible and eagerly sought out. The business moved between No.2, 5, and 6 Courtlandt Street until 1872. In 1870, he built a brick factory to manufacture shelf clocks. It opened in 1871 and the New York business closed down. The Bristol location closed down in 1874.

George A. Jones & Co., New York, New York. A Floor Standing Regulator.

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