Cyrus Whitcomb of Stow and Concord, Massachusetts.

Cyrus Whitcomb was born the son of Asaph Whitcomb and Marsylvia Randall in Stow, Massachusetts on December 16, 1809. His father Asaph Whitcomb was a clockmaker and watchmaker who worked in the towns of Stow, Concord and Watertown, Massachusetts. Cyrus is thought to have primarily worked in Stow and also with Asaph for a short period of time in Concord. The number of known signed examples of Cyrus signed clocks suggest that he was not as prolific a clockmaker. We have seen approximately four other banjo clocks by Cyrus Whitcomb. Interestingly, all four have been signed exactly like this one and have shared a similar overall form. Cyrus is thought to have worked in Stow, Massachusetts in the 1830’s.