James Rodgers of New York City.

James Rodgers is a listed as a Clockmaker in several references. Sonya L. & Thomas J. Spitler and Chris H. Bailey lists him in their book, American Clocks Volume 3. American Clockmakers & Watchmakers. A more complete listing can be found in the June 1992 NAWCC Bulletin. Most of the information listed below was research by Fred Shelly (CT).

James Rodgers was born in Scotland in 1801. It appears he was trained in Scotland as a clockmaker before he immigrated to New York City in 1822. He is listed as having several working locations. Some of which include Chatham Street, two locations on Broadway, one at number 410 and the other nearer Canal Street and lastly on the corner of Fulton and Williams Street. Rodgers lists of accomplishments include some fifty tower clocks which include the clock built for the Trinity Church and the example installed in the front entrance of Grand Central Depot in NYC (Both of which have since been replaced), numerous ships clocks and several tall case clocks. Both painted and engraved dial examples have been seen to date. Rodgers was also the first manufacturer of Morse Telegraph instruments. Rodgers died in 1878.

James Ro(d)gers. New York, New York. A tall case clock.

2471 James Ro(d)gers. New York, New York. This is a beautiful figured mahogany case tall clock that is delicately line inlaid… read more