Nathaniel Shipman of Norwich, Connecticut.

Nathaniel Shipman was born on May 17th, 1764 in Preston, Connecticut. He was the son of Nathaniel and Elizabeth (Leffingwell) Shipman. It is reported that in 1777, he was apprenticed to the renowned English born clockmaker, Thomas Harland of Norwich. By 1785, Nathaniel had set up his own shop in Norwich. At that time, his account books suggest that he was active as clockmaker and a silversmith. He made dials for his Master, Thomas Harland. He worked with pewter, glass jewelry and watches. He gave up the trade in 1796 and became a farmer and an investor in the West India Trade. On October 14, 1794, Nathaniel married Abigail Coit of Peston, CT. Nathaniel died on July 14, 1853 in Norwich.

Nathaniel Shipman of Norwich, Connecticut. A rare Connecticut tall clock clockmaker.

This is a fine chippendale cherry case tall clock with silvered brass dial signed "Shipman Norwich." This cherry case tall clock… read more