Ebenezer Sargent of Newbury, Massachusetts.

Currently, very little is known of this Clockmaker. There is recorded an Ebenezer Sargent who was born in Newbury on April 18, 1717 to Ebenezer Sargent I (1685-1724) and Ann (Sawyer) Sargent (1687-1753). They were married on October 15, 1708. Ebenezer II is recorded as marring Patience Philips of Lynn, MA in 1753. They had a son Ebenezer in 1756 and a grandson Ebeneezer born in 1788 that are listed as gunsmiths. This makes his name difficult to trace. Ebenezer II died on October 1797. His death is recorded in the Vital Records of Lynn, MA. At the time of his death, he is listed as a gunsmith. At least three other clocks have been recorded. One 30-hour brass dial example is signed “No. 2.” An 8-day example that is signed, “Made for Ensign Sanborn” is known. A third example is also an eight day clock with a rack striking system. This example, now the fourth has a count-wheel striking system.

Ebenezer Sargent of Newbury, Massachusetts. A Pre-Revolutionary clock made circa 1750.

This is a very rare and important mahogany case tall clock made by Ebenezer Sargent of Newbury, Massachusetts. Very few clockmakers… read more