Elijah Whiton of Groton and Hingham, Massachusetts.

Elijah Whiton was born in Hingham, Massachusetts on March 6, 1799 and died there on February 10, 1871 at the age of 72. He is listed in Paul Foley’s book, “Willard’s Patent Time Pieces” as a clockmaker, watchmaker, silversmith, mathematical instrument maker and a wooden ware manufacturer. He worked in Groton for many years in various trades. Advertisements and real estate records locate him in Groton as early as 1822. It appears that he stayed and worked in several Groton locations until 1839. After which, it appears he returned to Hingham. It is easy to speculate that his clock output was very limited. In all the years that we have been in business, we have seen ony two examples signed by this clockmaker.

Elijah Whiton. A Groton, MA clockmaker. A banjo clock or wall timepiece. 27222

A fine federal Massachusetts timepiece or “Banjo clock” made circa 1830 in the rural community of Groton, Massachusetts. This fine example… read more