Jacob Sawyer Kimball of Montpelier, Vermont.

Jacob Kimball of Montpelier, Vermont. Clock and watchmaker, silversmith and jeweler.

Jacob Sawyer Kimball was born on April 21, 1779 in Sutton, New Hampshire and died on June 23, 1827 in Montpelier, Vermont. He was the son of Caleb and Sarah (Sawyer) Kimball and the brother of Mary Eaton. He is thought to have apprenticed to Levi and Able Hutchins in Concord in 1793. He is listed as working in Montpelier in 1800 through 1827. On March 19,1812, married Eliza Purkitt of Boston. They had 4 children. Together they built up a large estate. Jacob trained at least on apprentice. It was his nephew Hiram Eaton who was born on January 14, 1802 and died in Warner, Vermont on August 8, 1876. His apprenticeship most likely started around 1815. Hiram then moves St. Albans, Vermont and then to Warner and later Concord, New Hampshire.

A tall case clock is known signed by Kimball. The American Antiquarian Society currently owns a watch paper that is signed by him. It is dated 1825.