Eleazer Baker of Ashford, Connecticut.

Eleazer Baker of Ashford, Connecticut. Clockmaker, watchmaker and goldsmith.

Eleazer Baker was Born on December, 17, 1764 in Tolland, Connecticut and died on December 3, 1848 in Mansfield Center, Connecticut. His parents were Joseph Baker 1738-1804 and Lois Carpenter 1740 – 1808. He married Hannah Trowbridge in Pomfret, Connecticut on April 12, 1787. He is listed as working in Ashford in 1875. In 1791, he began training Edmund Hughes who later “ran away” and then returned to finish his training. In 1793, he advertised in the Windham Herald as a clock and watchmaker and goldsmith. In 1794 he is listed in the Ashford Land Records as buying property. In 1795, he is again listed as buying the adjoining land at the junction of the Boston and Hartford, Turnpike. The house he built, still stands today. Very few clocks have been recorded. A number of pieces of silver have been found including tankers, teapots, porringers, etc.

Eleazer Baker of Ashford, Connecticut. An Inlaid cherry case tall clock that is dated "1790" and numbered "12."

This is a very important clock. It is signed on the dial by the clockmaker. In addition, it is also dated… read more