Flavel Bingham of Windsor, Connecticut and Utica, New York.

Flavel Bingham was born on March 14, 1781 in Andover / Bolton, Connecticut and died of Typhus on August 13, 1804 in Utica, New York. He was 23 years old when he died. His parents were Stephen Bingham (born 11/30/1740 and died 2/19/1835) and Sarah Long (born 3/25/1743 and died 4/29/1799.) Together they had ten children. Flavel was number seven. It is recorded that Flavel served one of the most famous Connecticut clockmakers Daniel Burnap as an apprentice in Windsor, CT. This would have been during the period when Eli Terry was also being trained by Burnap. Bingham completed his training in 1800 and soon moved to Utica, New York where he is listed as a silversmith and as a watchmaker located at the sign of the Golden Watch on the east side of Genesee Street during the approximate years of 1802-1804. Flavel married Fanny White Bingham (born 2/5/1781). She also died of typhus on July 11, 1804. They had one son named Flavel who was born on November 8,1803. Flavel II was raised by maternal grandparents because of his parents young deaths.

Very few clocks have been found to date made by this maker. This makes sense because he died at such a young age.

Flavel Bingham of Windsor, Connecticut and Utica, New York. Clockmaker, watchmaker and silversmith.

This wonderful inlaid cherry case tall clock was made in Utica, New York by Flavel Bingham. This decoratively inlaid example stands… read more