Joakim (Joachim) Hill of Flemington, New Jersey.

Joakim (Joachim) Hill was born on November 25, 1783 in Amwell Township the son of Issac and Mary Hill. He is listed as working in Flemington from 1804 through 1820. It is thought that he served his apprenticeship to Thomas Williams sometime after 1800 and that he most likely took over his Master’s business. It is know that his clock cases were made by one of the following cabinetmakers. They include; Matthew Egerton, John Scudder, John Tapper, and or Oliver Parsell. In 1813 he married Martha Baracroft of Kingwood, township on September 4, 1813. Together they had seven children. About 1814, they boiught a house near Copper Hills, a short distance south of town on the road to Lambertville and New Hope. A small casting shop was located across the street. He did the finish work on his clocks in the dinig room of his home. Joakim died April 2, 1869 in Newark. He is buried in the Flemington Presbyterian Church cemetery.

Joakim Hill of Flemington, New Jersey. Signed, dated and numbered No. 77. An inlaid case tall clock.

This is a fine inlaid mahogany case tall clock made by Joakim Hill of Flemington, New Jersey circa 1810. The bonnet… read more