James Almy of New Bedford, Massachusetts.

James C. Almy is listed in Paul Foley’s book, Willard’s Patent Timepieces. He is listed as a Clockmaker and a Watchmaker working in 1820 -1872. He was born in Newport, Rhode Island on June 19,1802 and died in South Dartmouth, MA on February 2nd, 1872. He is listed as working in partnership with William Wall as Almy & Wall in New Bedford for the period of October 21, 1821 through August of 1823. Here, they made tall clocks, and wall timepieces. Within a couple of years of the Almy & Wall dissolution, James joined with John Bailey III in partnership as John Bailey & Co. This firm lasted from 1825 – 1827. In March of 1828, Almy advertises that he has taken a store in Water Street (alone) nearly opposite the Merchants Bank. He moves in 1836 to Union Street and remains there until 1852. By 1856, his son James T. Almy takes over the business. James Almy’s name alone is only known of a few clocks.

James Almy of New Bedford. A Massachusetts dish dial full striking shelf clock. XXSL-72.

This Massachusetts dish dial shelf clock is signed by the New Bedford clockmaker James Almy. The case was made by Henry… read more