Whittier Perkins working in Wendell now Sunapee, New Hampshire.

Whittier Perkins was born the son of Captain Icabod and Sara (Whittier) Perkins on April 7, 1764. He was born in Methuen, Massachusetts. He was the first cousin of Robinson Perkins, a clockmaker that was working in Jaffery, NH and was trained in the Ashby, Massachusetts School of clockmaking. Whittier’s clock movements share many of the Ashby construction characteristics. They differ slightly. Please read “American Wooden Movement Tall Clocks 1712-1835” written by Philip Morris for a more in depth discussion about construction variations. It is not known when Whittier moved to Wendell. He and his family are listed in the 1790 census. Whittier died in Wendell on August 16, 1813. Very few clocks are known.

Whittier Perkins of Wendell (Now Sunapee), New Hampshire. A primitive form. OO41.

This unusually simple or primitive tall case clock was made by Whittier Perkins of Wendell, New Hampshire. This small town no… read more