Bradley & Hubbard Manufacturing Company of Meriden, Connecticut.

The Bradley & Hubbard Manufacturing Company was located in Meriden, Connecticut. Today the Bradley & Hubbard firm is better known in most circles for making cast iron items such as figural doorstops and small banks. This clock represents a smaller market where they made figural clock cases and fit them internally with thirty hour movements. The eye openings where fitted with painted eyes that moved up and down with the motion of the balance. Hence the trade name or category, “Blinkers” or “Winkers.” The Bradley & Hubbard firm made a number of different case styles. Some of the more common examples or figures found in today’s marketplace include John Bull, The Continental and Topsy. Many of these case forms were colorfully paint decorated. Very few survive in great condition.

Bradley & Hubbard of Meriden, Connecticut. A winking lion shelf clock.

This can be a hard case form to find. The case is cast in iron and is done so in good… read more