Lebbeus Bailey of Hanover, Massachusetts and North Yarmouth, Maine

Lebbeus Bailey was born in 1763 in Hanover, Massachusetts. It is thought that he served his apprenticeship along with his older brother Calvin, born 1761 and his older brother John II born in 1751. Lebbeus is listed as a clockmaker in Hanover, MA in 1784 through 1791. In 1791, he is recorded as moving to North Yarmouth, Maine were he settled with his wife, Sarah Sylvester Myrick. Lebbeus set up a foundry and continued to make tall clocks and shelf clocks as well as every kind of metal work of which his customers had need. Lebbeus died on December 3, 1827. His house still stands in that town.

A fine inlaid mahogany case tall clock of Coastal Northern New England origin attributed to Lebbeus Bailey of Yarmouth, Maine. 29085.

This case exhibits northern New England proportions. The attribution to the Clockmaker Lebbeus Bailey is based on the form of the… read more