Plimmon Henry (P. H.) Dudley of New York.

P.H. (Plimmon Henry) Dudley(1843-1924). Mr Dudley was a gifted civil and metallurgical engineer whose opinions on these matters were held in high regard and respected by the railroad industry. Concerning clocks in the development of standardizing time, he believed that by adjusting or synchronizing clocks along the rail line electronically. This was to be done simultaneously along the rail line by having them connected by a signal. This would intern decrease the variability of station clock displays. He had showed that if done by hand, the variation average was 3 minutes. By electrically controlling this adjustment, this variability would vanish. The system he developed was reliable and as a result, his clock sold well. His first clocks were installed in 1879 along the mainline stations on the Philadelphia, Wilmington & Baltimore Railroad. Due to their success, the following year they were installed on the New York Central & Hudson River Railroad. Still employed by railroad concerns, by 1882, he moved away from the horology side to work on other rail related issues. This departure of concentration left the market for high quality sycronizers wide open for other competitors.

For a more in depth description of Dudley, please read Bob Simon’s article published in the NAWCC Watch & Clock Bulletin dated March/April 2015.

P. H. Dudley walnut wall regulator made in New York. Dudley wall clock.

This is a fine example. The case is constructed in walnut and retains a lighter finish. It is somewhat larger than… read more