Benjamin Mead of Wiscasset and Castine, Maine.

It is currently thought that Benjamin Mead moved from Rhode Island and set up shop with Daniel Dole in Wiscasset Maine in 1804. In 1805, he moved to the village of Castine. In July of that year he advertised for an apprentice. A number of real estate transactions in the area are recorded involving Mead over the next few years. This suggests that he occasionally bought and sold land. These transactions list him as a clockmaker and as a shop owner. He move back to Rhode Island, Smithfield in 1814.

A tall case clock signed by the Wiscasset, Maine clockmaker, Benjamin Mead. .

A most beautiful inlaid mahogany tall case clock made by Benjamin Mead of Wiscasset, Maine. This clock features a signed painted… read more