William Crane of Canton and Stoughton, Massachusetts.

Clockmaker, watchmaker, gunsmith and brass founder.

William Crane was born in Stoughton, Massachusetts on August 12, 1749 and died there on May 8, 1820. In about 1780, William moved to Canton, MA on Packeen Road now Dedham Street and and worked as a clockmaker, gunsmith and brass founder. He had at least four children. His son Simeon (1774-1821) was also a clockmaker. Two of William’s daughters married the clockmaking brothers Henry and Elijah Morse. In 1808, Hannah Crane married Elijah Morse and Lucy Crane married Henry Morse Jr in 1809. The Morse brothers are thought to have apprenticed to Crane. In 1810, William’s son Simeon may have been in business with his father in Canton.

A fine and rare Federal mahogany and rosewood cross-banded tall case clock by William Crane, Canton, Mass, circa 1815. XXSL-33.

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William Crane, Boston, Mass. A Fine mahogany cased wall timepiece made circa 1820. 221058

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