Amos Denison Allen of Windsor, Connecticut.

Amos Denison Allen was born in Windham, Connecticut on March 13, 1774. His parents were Amos Allen Jr and Anna Babcock (Allen). In 1790, at the age of 16, Allen began his training as an cabinetmaking apprentice with Colonel Ebenezer Tracy (1744-1803) in Lisbon, New London County, CT. Allen worked with him until his apprenticeship expired on his twenty-first birthday, in March 1795. On August 18 1796, Allen married Lydia Tracy, E. Tracy’s daughter. Together they had at nine children. They moved to Windham, Connecticut and owned a farmed that totaled 190 Acres. His shop was often very busy and Allen employed as many twelve apprentices at one time. They shipped numerous chairs up and down the east coast, using peddlers to sell many of their products. One of Allen’s shop books covering the years 1796-1803, is currently in the collection of the Connecticut Historical Society along with his apprenticeship papers. It provides a careful listing of his output and his clients during that period. In 1965, Houghton Bulkeley tabulated his memo book as follows: 799 chairs, 51 Pembroke tables, 40 bedsteads, 37 bureaus, 35 chests, 19 dining tables, 16 kitchen tables, 14 portrait frames, 8 clock cases, 8 two-drawer chests, 6 desks, 6 plain tables, 5 chests-on-chests, 2 cradles, 1 (inlaid) sideboard, 1 secretary, 1 looking glass, 1 bookcase, 1 schoolmaster’s desk.

We have owned and seen at least 5 tall case clocks where the cases have been stamped or branded with his name on the backboard. The stamp reads, A. D. ALLEN.

Eleazer Cary (Carey) Clockmaker working in Norwich and later Windham Connecticut. Amos Denison Allen Cabinetmaker / Casemaker in Windham, Connecticut.

This is a nicely proportioned cherry case tall clock. The cherrywood is dark and features a modern clean finish. The case… read more