Joseph Chadwick of Boscawen, New Hampshire. clockmaker, scalemaker, and musical instrument maker.

Joseph Chadwick was born on July 19, 1787 in Boscawen, New Hampshire. The Town of Boscawen is situated in Merrimack County. It is on the├é┬ánorthern border of the Capital City Concord. Joseph’s father was Edmund Chadwick and his mother is Susanna (Atkinson) Chadwick. It is now currently thought that he may have trained as a clockmaker under the guidance of Timothy Chandler in Concord. He would have completed his apprenticeship about 1801. Joseph married three times. His first wife was Judith (aka Betsy) Morrill of Boscawen. Judith was the sister of clockmaker Benjamin Morrill, (b. 12/13/1792 – d. 3/12/1821). Joseph next married Eunice Bliss,, (b 3/19/1791) of Lebanon, NH. He married his third wife Mary Ann Merrill on 4/20/1851. Mary Ann, (b. 1/23/1800) was the daughter of the Bristol, NH Tanner John Merrill. Joseph died on January 16, 1868 in Boscawen.

Joseph is listed as a clock and watchmaker. The town history of Boscawen also suggests that he was a scalemaker and an instrument maker. He is said to have made melodeons and seraphones. Very few tall clocks are known. A birch and mahogany inlaid case is now in the collection of The New Hampshire Historical Society. This clock was given to them by Charles Parsons. Joseph is best known for making wall clocks. A fair number of New Hampshire mirror style clocks trade in the marketplace signifying that at one time, he had a healthy business providing them for the local community.

Joseph Chadwick of Boscawen, New Hampshire. An Inlaid cherry cased tall clock. 220033

This clock has a long history of being in the Kettle and Crane Inn in the town of Boscawen, NH. This… read more