William Crawford of Oakham, Massachusetts.

William Crawford was born in Rutland, Massachusetts on October 23, 1745. It is reported that he moved to Oakham in 1750 at the age of five. His father Alexander, was one of the founders of this town. William and his brother John were both soldiers of the Revolution and eventually made the rank of Captain. A letter written in 1934 by the Town Clerk of Oakham, the clockmaker “marched as Sergeant of the Oakham Company, when it responded to the alarm of July 23, 1773, from Rhode Island, and also Sergeant on the alarm of Aug 20 1777, from Bennington. He has also credit for a campaign to Boston, beginning April 1, 1778.” William married Mary Henderson in 1773 and fathered 11 children. He lived the rest of his life in Oakham and died there on June 30, 1833. He was 87 years old. His house is still standing today. Reportedly, with the “Clock room” still intact.

Oakham is still a very small town located in central Massachusetts. It is just North of the town of Spencer and to the West of the town of Rutland. Oakham was Incorporated in 1762. Originally it was called “Rutland West Wing.” Some of its first settlers are reported as coming from Oakham, England and hence took the name. Very little information is listed regarding this Maker. Several other tall clocks have been found. We have owned at least two other examples and have seen two examples sold at public auction. In addition, their are at least two on public display. One is in the collection at Old Sturbridge Village in Sturbridge, Massachusetts. Another composite brass dial example can be found in the Massachusetts Room at the Daughters of the American Revolution Museum located in our Nations Capital, Washington, DC. It seems that many of Crawford’s existing clocks are designed in a somewhat diminutive scale.

William Crawford of Oakham, Massachusetts. This is a diminutive sized tall case clock. RR59.

This very good example stands a mere 7 feet 4 inches tall to the top of the center finial and exhibits… read more