Timothy Cheney of East Hartford and Manchester, Connecticut. Clockmaker, blacksmith, silversmith joiner, farmer, gristmill operator and soldier.

Timothy Cheney was born on May 10, 1731 in East Hartford, CT. His parents were Benjamin Cheney (1699 — about 1760) and Elizabeth (Long) Cheney (b.1769 — d.1759). He was the brother of Benjamin Cheney (1725-1815) also of East Hartford, Connecticut. They become well known clockmakers in East Hartford. Benjamin deeded his house to Timothy in 1757. This property would have been located at 175 East Center Street near the center of what would become the town of Manchester in 1823. This house was torn down in the 1960’s. Timothy was also a farmer, gristmill operator, soldier in the local militia, and a captain of the militia during the Revolutionary War. He trained at least two apprentices. John Fitch worked in 1761-1764 and Daniel Griswold in 1782. In 1785, Timothy built and moved to the “Cheney Homestead,” on today’s Hartford Road. Timothy worked in Manchester in 1790-1795. He died there on September 27, 1795.