John C. Almy and William A. Wall Almy & Wall of New Bedford, Massachusetts.

Almy & Wall of New Bedford, Massachusetts. They are listed in Paul Foley’s book, “Willard’s Patent Timepieces” as working in New Bedford for the period of October 21, 1821 through August of 1823. In partnership, they made tall clocks and wall timepieces.

John C. Almy is listed as a Clockmaker and a Watchmaker working in 1820 -1872. He was born in Newport, Rhode Island on June 19,1802 and died in South Dartmouth, MA on February 2nd, 1872. In 1821, after the divorce of the partnership with Wall, Almy moves to Exeter, NH by 1824 to continue in clock related businesses.

William A. Wall is listed as a Clockmaker, Watchmaker and Artist. He was born in New Bedford on May 19, 1801 and died there on September 6, 1885. It is reported that he was an apprentice to Hanover, Massachusetts Clockmaker John Bailey Jr. Shortly after the breakup of the partnership with Almy, Wall takes an interests in painting and signs on as a student of John Scully. By 1826 he advertises his talents as a portrait painter. Later he travels abroad to study his new trade.