Samuel Aspinwall of Cambridge, Massachusetts and Pittston, Maine.

Samuel Aspinwall was born in Canton, Massachusetts and died in Berlin, Maine. He first worked in Cambridge, Massachusetts during the period of 1803 through 1813. In an 1803 lawsuit, Aspinwall describes himself as a Cambridge, Clockmaker. It appears he also worked in Salem, MA before moving to North to the town of Pittston, Maine. It is documented that Aspinwall had business dealings with the Boston Clockmakers Daniel Munroe and John MacFarlane. He is described as a Pittston clockmaker in two separate civil lawsuits filed in 1810 and 1811 by Monroe and Macfarlane to recover unpaid promissory notes. Very few signed clocks have been found to date. We have owned one tall case clock made by him while working in Pittston.