Nathaniel Hazeltine of Danville, Vermont.

Nathaniel Hazeltine is somewhat of an obscure Clockmaker. We could not find a birth or death record for him. A brief reference to a Nathaniel can be found in Lillian Baker Carlisle’s, “Vermont Clock and Watchmakers Silversmiths and Jewelers 1778 – 1878.” This lists him as working 1856. A reference from “Walton’s Register” in 1856 and until 1858 lists him as a “manufacturer of watches and jewelry.” These dates are somewhat late for tall clock production. If one digs deeper, you will find an Enoch Hazeltine listed in the Town of Danville census in 1820. Here he is listed as the father of Nathaniel and that both the father and the son are listed in the trades. In the same census, Nathaniel has a sister that is listed as being ten years younger. A marriage record also exists for a Nathaniel Hazeltine of Danville. This record notes that Nathaniel married Miss Meriam Hoyt on 12/10/1819. As luck would have it, a watch paper was recently discovered and sold by Eaton’s Auction Service in Vermont on 10/18/2008. The paper reads, “Nathl Hazeltine Clock, Watch, Maker. Danville, Vermont.” On the back it is dated “1816, May 31. M??? Waddock (sp?) 1817 February, 23.” These dates are more in kepping with the period of this tall clock.

Nathaniel Hazeltine of Danville, Vermont. "No. 2." Tall clase clock.

This cherry case has excellent narrow proportions and decorative inlay work. The case stands on an applied bracket base. The four… read more