James Collins of Goffstown, New Hampshire.

James Collins is known to be buried in Wolcottville, Indiana. His gravestone is still located there and gives his birth date of August 8th, 1801 and lists his death on December 8th, 1882. James Collins and Bigail (Hale) collins was born in Goffstown, New Hampshire the son of Stephen Collins, James married Lucy Knight of Hancock, New Hampshire. Lucy was a daughter of the Clockmaker Elijah Knight. It is thought that James received some clock training from him. It is also reported that Collins traveled to Ashby, Massachusetts and to Providence, Rhode Island from time to time. One could speculate that he traveled to these towns on clock related business. The town of Ashby was very small and did not have much to offer as a destination other than an interest in the Edward’s and Willard brother’s school of wooden works clock production of tall clocks. In Goffstown, Collins is listed as a “Husbandman, Yeoman, Silversmith, Jeweler, Watchmaker and Clock and Watchmaker in various towns deeds over the years. It appears that Collins left Goffstown in the mid 1840’s after Lucy’s death in 1844. From here he moved to Illinois, possibly Michigan and then to Fort Wayne, Indiana. Very few clocks have been found. We have owned at least three different forms. They include this tall clock, a New Hampshire Mirror clock and recently a full striking banjo clock. The New Hampshire Historical Society has an example of his work in their collection. Charles Parsons, the author of “New Hampshire Clocks & Clockmakers” actually lived in Collins house for a number years.

James Collins of Goffstown, New Hampshire.

This is a rare New Hampshire striking banjo clock made by James Collins of Goffstown, New Hampshire. Full striking banjo clocks… read more