Nathaniel Dominy of East Hampton, New York.

Nathaniel Dominy (4th) was born in 1737 and died in 1812. He is listed as living in Sag Harbor and then East Hampton, New York. For a more complete story regarding this family, please read Charles Hummel’s “With Hammer in Hand, published for The Henry Francis du Pont Winterthur Museum by the University Press of Virginia Charlottesville.” This work was first published in 1968.

The Dominy family presided over a remarkable domain from their little shops on North Main Street in East Hampton. They were located there as early as 1760 through 1840 spanning three generations.

Nathaniel Dominy tall clock of East Hampton, New York. Dated 1789 and signed by the Clockmaker.

This Long Island treasure was originally sold to Captain David Fithian (1728-1803). A very simple form, it is constructed in gum… read more