Paul Rogers of Berwick, Maine. A clockmaker and hatter.

Paul Rogers was born the son of Isaac and Lydia (Varney) Rogers on June 26, 1752 in Berwick, Maine. He was the youngest of eight children. He was a Quaker, more properly called a member of the Society of Friends. The Quakers were a sect known for their independence and devotion to hard work and had established small colonies throughout the more rural parts of New England. He is often recorded as a Clerk in their meeting minutes. Paul was a very productive clock maker who worked at his trade for nearly forty years. Many of his movements are constructed with cast iron plates and brass wheels. A few notable apprentices to Paul include his son Abner (1777-1809), Reuben Brackett (1761-1867), and John Taber (1796-1859). Paul Married Deborah Hussey of Kittery Maine on August 30, 1774. They had nine children. After clockmaking, Paul becomes a hatter and made and sold many hats throughout the nearby Maine Villages. Paul Rogers died in 1818.