John Bailey III or Jr. of Hanover and New Bedford, Massachusetts.

John Bailey III or Junior was born in Hanover, Massachusetts on August 13, 1787. It is thought that he learned the family trade of clockmaking from his father John II. John III finished his apprenticeship in 1809 at the tail end of the tall case clocks popularity. The wall timepiece, and shelf clock became the clock of choice due to its reduction in cost. In June of 1809, he moved to Portland, Maine and worked mostly as a repairman. In November of 1810, he married Anna Taber, the daughter of a prominent Quaker merchant in Portland. In 1811, they returned to Hanover. It is during this next period of his life that we find him traveling in the South during the winters and setting up temporary repair shops and shipping whole clocks from the North to Southern clients all while maintaining a shop in Hanover. In 1824, he had moved his business from Hanover to the growing city of New Bedford, which is located on the Massachusetts south coast. Here he took the shop formerly occupied by the clockmakers Almy & Wall. In addition to his reputation as a fine businessman, clockmaker and chronometer repairman, Bailey became well known for his Anti-slavery convictions. He traveled extensively, including to the South, to preach his message of abolitionism. This was a stance that eventually cost him is business in New Bedford. In 1848, he moved to Lynn, MA where he operated “The Old Curiosity Shop” a jewelery and repair business on Union Street. He died in there in 1883 on March 2nd. Over his life time, he saw the cost of a clock start at $60 and fall to $2 due to the gearing up of mass production methods. Clocks were no longer for the most affluent of a community.

Over the years, we have owned a fair number of clocks made by him. Some of which included numerous tall case clocks, dwarf clocks and wall timepieces.

John Bailey Jr. (1787-1883) of New Bedford, Massachusetts. An impressive mahogany tall case clock. XXSL-21

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John Bailey Jr. of Hanover, Massachusetts. Tall case clock. NN-3

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