Nathaniel Edwards Jr., of Acton, Massachusetts.

He was born in Acton on September 19th,1770. His working dates are listed from 1791-1800. Nathaniel worked in his fatherÕs house which still stands today. It is located at 328 Pope Road which is near the Concord line. Very few clocks made by this Maker have been found. All of those have been of the tall case variety. They have been found in cherry and mahogany cases.

In 1993, the Concord Antiquarian Museum received a tall clock made by this Maker as a gift. That clock is reported to have been originally purchased by Nathan Brooks (1785-1863). He was a lawyer, legislator and a philanthropist. He was also a Whig and his wife was an abolitionist. He lived where the present library sits. This is on the corner of Main Street and Sudbury Road. This clock was purchased from the Brooks estate in 1881 for $75. It was purchased by the Richardson family. It is a descendant of this family that donated the clock.

Nathaniel Edwards Jr., of Acton, Massachusetts. Tall case clock. GG225

An important cherry case tall clock made by Nathaniel Edwards Jr., of Acton, Massachusetts. This very nicely proportioned cherry case example… read more