Paul Rogers & Son of Berwick, Maine.

Paul Rogers was born 1752 and died in 1818. He was a Quaker and an active member of the Society of Friends. The Quakers were a sect known for their independence and devotion to hard work. They had established numerous small colonies throughout the more rural parts of New England. He was a very productive clockmaker who worked at his trade for nearly forty years. A few notable apprentices to Paul include his son Abner (1777-1809), Reuben Bracket (1761-1867), and John Taber (1796-1859). We have owned a large number of Paul Rogers clocks.

Abner Rogers was born in 1777 and died in 1809. It is logical to assume that his father Paul trained him in clockmaking. We have owned several Abner Rogers signed tall clocks. These clocks also had iron plates incorporated into the construction of the movement.