Abel Stowell Senior of Worcester, Massachusetts.

Abel Stowel was born in Worcester, Massachusetts on June 12, 1752. He lived 66 years before he died on August 3, 1818. He was an ingenious individual. He is listed as a clockmaker, watchmaker, screw maker and inventor. Over his lifetime, he applied for and was granted several patents for various types of machinery. Many of these patents involved cutting the head of a screw. Abel Sr had three children who followed him into the clockmaking, watch making and the jewelry trades. Even his daughter Faith, married the clockmaker James Ridgeway Jr., in January of 1802. Ridgeway was an apprentice of his.

Abel Stowel Sr. of Worcester, Massachusetts. A tall case clock.  -SOLD-

This is a very interesting case. We have owned several clocks by this Maker in the last fifty years of business.… read more