Joshua Wilder of Hingham, Massachusetts

Joshua Wilder was born on December 2nd, 1786 in Hingham, Massachusetts. He was trained in the art of clockmaking by John Bailey Jr. of Hanover, MA. Wilder completed this apprenticeship some time around 1807. It appears he stayed in Hanover for a brief period of time before moving back to Hingham to established his home and business located on Main Street in the South Parish. Here, he was the first clockmaker to settle in this prosperous town and found a ready market for tall case clocks, dwarf clocks, wall timepieces, the Massachusetts shelf form and mirror clocks. Wider becomes one of America’s most prolific Makers of the dwarf clock form.

Wilder also becomes very active in the local religious Society of Friends and became known as the “Old Quaker Joshua Wilder.” He was also involved with the Temperance Society and Peace Society of Hingham. Wilder’s business eventually evolves into a retailer of common goods. Wilder is said to have trained several Clockmakers that includes his son Ezra Wilder, Reuben Tower, Allen Kelley and Phillip Bennet. About 1840, it is said that his son Eza joined him in business. Joshua dies on October 4, 1860 in the town of Scituate.

A fair number of clocks made by this maker have been found. Many of which are the dwarf form but also include in much smaller numbers tall case clocks, timepieces, shelf clocks and mirror clocks. Currently, the Hingham Library is displaying a tall case clock made by him.

Joshua Wilder Lyre Timepiece. Hingham, Massachusetts. Lyre clock. 213162

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Joshua Wilder Clockmaker working in the town of Hingham, Massachusetts. Featuring a rocking ship dial. UU100

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Joshua Wilder Dwarf Clock. 2616

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Joshua Wilder dwarf clock. Hingham, MA. Mahogany case with a time and alarm movement. AAA1

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Joshua Wilder of Hingham, Massachusetts. A dwarf clock. RR72.

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Joshua Wilder. Hingham, Mass Clockmaker. A fine cross-banded mahogany cased tall clock. The original hand written instructions on the procedure to set up the clock and the pricing is inside the case. This is signed by the Clockmaker in his hand. XXSL40.

Joshua Wilder (1786-1860) is an important Hingham clockmaker. He was a member of the renowned and influential group of Quaker clockmakers… read more

Joshua Wilder. Hingham, Massachusetts Clockmaker. A fine cross banded and line inlaid mahogany tall case clock. XXSL82

Joshua Wilder (1786-1860) is an important Hingham clockmaker. He was a member of the renown and influential group of Quaker clockmakers… read more